Between my horses and my business, I am frequently challenged to find the balance between trust and the need for control and “certainty.” Or some semblance of perceived safety! As an entrepreneur, you must take risks. You must stay open to possibilities and flexible in approach. And at times, this does take a leap of faith.

The same is true for working with horses. I always give my horses the benefit of the doubt. But if they scare me, I may clamp down and take a “tighter rein.” Sometimes this is the absolute worst thing to do. They let me know pretty fast! But it’s not about a “tighter rein” with a horse or a business. It’s about making an adjustment that will give you a better result (including the adjustment in your head!). The moment you begin to lose trust, fear starts to dominate, and you close down possibilities for success. Sound familiar? Ahh. Me too.

As I thought about this today from my wetland meditation perch, I realized that issues with trust come up for every one of my clients. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO of a large firm or a solopreneur, you’ll be challenged on how much you can trust. And here’s the truth: the more you trust yourself, the more you will be trusted, and the happier and more successful you will be.

Trust requires you to release the grip, breathe deeply, and open space for new possibilities. So take a moment now and settle into your chair. Soften your eyes. Take a nice deep breath, exhale and feel your feet on the floor. Give yourself permission to release all tension. Just for a moment sit in the quiet…

Perfect. You have just opened space for new possibilities and abundance. That is the beginning.

We’ll be exploring trust in my new retreat, Trusting Deeply, on May 17 at our farm. Come join us if you’d like. This may just change your life.