Reinvention in the Round is a unique coaching experience inspired by my horse Lemon Squeezy, a retired Thoroughbred racehorse. As a business strategist and executive coach, I have helped hundreds of people reinvent themselves, their businesses, and their lives, and meet their big goals. The first video of three sessions taped before a live audience can be seen below and the rest are on my youtube channel.  Each session includes an overview of the reinvention process, a front row seat to Squeezy’s coaching session, and an open Q&A discussion with the group at the end. This innovative program is the first of its kind and will give you many tools you can use for yourself, your work, and your team. This work formed the basis of my Amazon best-selling book, Reinventing Greatness: Leading Yourself & Others Through Change with Confidence & Trust. If you’re interested in reinventing, check out my new online program, Reinventing Greatness: Leading Through Change or, contact me and let’s talk!

Shari and Lemon Squeezy

Comments from participants:

“The trust and confidence you build is amazing. People and horses.” – D. Jennings

“Such a powerful seminar…” – J Douglas

“This is a fantastic program for anyone who needs perspective on managing change in any area of life – business leaders, new employees, co-workers, different home life situations, or changes you need to make within yourself. You will have fun learning, gain insights that help smooth the rough trail of challenge, and share time with like-minded others in a place of nature and serenity. I highly recommend these seminars!” – Scott Harlan, CEO, Talk19 Media

Lemon Squeezy winning in 2016


“Reinventing Greatness: Leading Yourself & Others Through Change With Confidence & Trust” Featuring Lemon Squeezy!