Discover your most effective leadership style, prove it to the horses, step into your authentic power, and watch your success unfold! These unique workshops, as featured in Shari’s best-selling book, Take the Reins! 7 Secrets to Inspired Leadership, blend the best of business strategy with emotional and social intelligence. Horses read energy and intention and react to your emotional state, objectively reflecting back your innermost feelings.

Participants have called our workshops “profound” and “life-changing.”

Enjoy fun, interactive activities along with short lectures and discussions to raise your self-awareness for better relationships, increased authority, and higher productivity. The horses aid in overcoming limiting beliefs, tension, and doubt so you can lead with confidence and clarity and achieve your goals! All activities are directed and facilitated by Shari Goodwin, Business Strategist and Leadership Coach, owner of Jaeger2, with over 20 years of business experience and more than 25 years working with horses. The workshops use experienced horses for enhanced learning and ground-truthing the exercises. No horse experience is necessary, all activities are conducted unmounted in an indoor arena.


“Shari took our leadership team on a journey with her horses to a place we had never been. The teamwork stood out as we worked to accomplish simple goals with a horse – which turned out to be quite complex. It required our team to work together in ways we had not planned and produced many, many insights. I know it was effective because it was the topic of many discussions for weeks after the event. If you haven’t tried working with Shari and her innovative and direct methods, I can highly recommend her!” – Bill Aiton, President, SSi Consulting

“I have attended several equine facilitated learning seminars and Shari’s Alpha Horse Leadership workshop is by far the best. First, Shari is a top notch executive coach and trainer. Her explanations of the process and facilitation of the exercises were superb. Her equine partners, each with their own personalities and leadership requirements, clearly demonstrated to me that as a leader I have to be ready to adjust my leadership style to suit the situation. The exercises helped me see myself as a leader in a new way, helped me understand my approach to leadership, and greatly enhanced my confidence in myself. Thank you Shari, Lila, Cali, and Noble!” – B. McIntyre

“I took my entire leadership team on a full day retreat to Shari’s farm. Our session was launched with a review of the results of our DISC profiles and reminders of how our preferred communication styles showed up in our behaviors and interactions. We explored the power of trust, and the importance of leaders creating alignment as a foundation to their success as a team. I have participated in similar conversations and presentations on multiple occasions throughout my life, and what happened next was unlike any experience I had ever had. Through her work with the horses and how they respond to our requests, our demands, our language, Shari demonstrates how the energy we emit impacts all of those around us. I often say, ‘As leaders, we speak through a megaphone’. What happened next was a powerful display of how we show up to others and how we best optimize our team. If you seek to develop yourself or your team and crave a meaningful and impactful experience, I encourage you to start by ‘Taking the Reins’ and spending a day being coached by Shari and the herd. In gratitude.” – K. Albarado, President and CEO, Helios HR



“Reinventing Greatness: Leading Yourself & Others Through Change With Confidence & Trust” Featuring Lemon Squeezy!