“I have worked with Shari as an individual coaching client and participated in her equine-facilitated retreats. Her presence and process in both settings have impacted my personal and professional growth in profound ways. What is so remarkable about Shari is how expertly she helps address the full spectrum of emotional, physical, and practical aspects of life and career. She helped me bolster my leadership presence. She also suggested ways I could analyze data to set strategy when I took on a new executive role. Through working with Shari, I have risen to professional challenges and achieved success. Most importantly, my accomplishments are rooted in confidence, clarity, and calmness. That is the true testament to Shari’s impact.”

Jeanine Callahan, Sr. Vice President Masterpeace Solutions

“I’ve had the honor and privilege of witnessing Shari in action for several years. Her ability to open possibilities for individuals and organizations through her strategic approach and processes rooted in empathy and love is amazing to experience. In 2020, I had the opportunity to be a part of Shari’s inaugural Inspired Leadership Mastermind group. l found working with Shari as my guide and being part of the group to be a true game changer in my evolution as a leader and person. If you’re thinking about engaging Shari and her team to work with you and your organization, I would not think twice. Just say ‘YES!’”

Dr. Arti Patel Varanasi, President & CEO, Advancing Synergy

“I’ve been part of Shari’s private coaching, equine-assisted retreats and online programs for several years and have gained great value from every one of her teaching formats. There are just no words to describe her willingness to always share the breadth of her ever-expanding knowledge and the loving kindness, coupled with keen intuition with which she shares it. I highly recommend her work and am looking forward to learning more from her in the future.”

Dr. Catherine Wycoff, PT, Kinetic Balance

“Shari’s work with our team has been invaluable. Her ability to ‘read the room’ and facilitate a healthy and honest discussion among colleagues is impressive. Furthermore, she is able to take you and your group outside of your comfort zone to promote both personal and business growth. Shari not only talks-the-talk, but she has also walked-the-walk with her background in business formation and success. That expertise coupled with her coaching skills makes her a unique talent that can help any size company improve. She has a real energy and sincerity that cannot be faked!”

Nathan Gilbert, Founding Partner, Meridian Financial Partners

“For over five years, I consulted with Shari Goodwin during several critical turning points at my law firm. Her input and observations have been instrumental in moving us forward. More recently, Shari has helped me in the beginning stages of succession planning. I started my legal career as a solo-practitioner and grew it into a five attorney law firm. It has been challenging, rewarding, and has consumed much of my time. Thinking about the upcoming transition in my life made me feel overwhelmed and rudderless. After working with Shari, I believe I am heading in the right course. Her ideas and direction are always thought-provoking and inspiring.”

Mark B. Williams, Founder, Mark B. Williams & Associates, PLC

“Shari took our leadership team on a journey with her horses to a place we had never been. The teamwork stood out as we worked to accomplish simple goals with a horse – which turned out to be quite complex. It required our team to work together in ways we had not planned and produced many, many insights. I know it was effective because it was the topic of many discussions for weeks after the event. If you haven’t tried working with Shari and her innovative and direct methods, I can highly recommend her!”

Bill Aiton, President, SSi Consulting

“Coaches often talk about ‘congruency’ and ‘authenticity.’ Unfortunately, those terms are so over-used these days that they have largely lost their meaning. But Shari doesn’t just use those words, she embodies them. Best of all, she shows you in concrete terms how you can do it too. And when you get your life and your business truly embodying those concepts, it changes everything. Work becomes more fun and more lucrative than you ever imagined. My only regret is not having met her sooner!”

Sue van der Linden, First Vice President, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

“Mountain View Marketing’s business doubled in 2013 and doubled again in 2014. What’s even more fantastic is the outstanding growth and prosperity we have achieved for our clients. My work with Shari Goodwin significantly contributed to this growth and success. I highly recommend Shari!”

Liz Johnson, President & Principal Consultant, Mountain View Marketing

“Shari Goodwin helped me revitalize The Madeira School’s Equestrian Program into a top-performing, efficient, and productive department consistent with the School’s academic standards of excellence. She supported the re-organization and hiring of a new Director and staff as well as the welfare of our equine partners. I am eternally grateful to Shari and would recommend her to any institution looking to optimize its performance.”

Meredyth Cole, Former Assistant Head of The Madeira School

“Before working with Shari, I was very conflicted and uncertain about how to grow my business. Shari’s tough, but kind approach stripped away the excuses I’d made, and she helped me rebuild and re-center as a person, so I could live confidently with purpose. As a direct result of her coaching, not only has my business grown at record levels, but I personally feel such peace by living in congruence with what I truly value.”

Sarah J. Yakel, Managing Partner, Certified Financial Planning Professional, Meridian Financial Partners

“Shari’s facilitation of our Leadership Fauquier opening retreat surpassed all expectations. Her ability to ‘read’ the group enabled her to be flexible with content while ensuring the participants gained the knowledge and skills they had come to receive. Shari’s level of expertise and her lively presentation style empowered the group to move beyond their comfort zone and truly experience a new level of learning and connectedness. Using a scale of 1-5 on the retreat survey, Shari received quite a number of 10’s! I would most highly recommend Shari and the services offered by Jaeger2 and it is my hope she will return for next year’s retreat.”

Sandra Roszel, Executive Director, Leadership Fauquier

“I took my entire leadership team on a full day retreat to Shari’s farm. Our session was launched with a review of the results of our DISC profiles and reminders of how our preferred communication styles showed up in our behaviors and interactions. We explored the power of trust, and the importance of leaders creating alignment as a foundation to their success as a team. I have participated in similar conversations and presentations on multiple occasions throughout my life, and what happened next was unlike any experience I had ever had. Through her work with the horses and how they respond to our requests, our demands, our language, Shari demonstrates how the energy we emit impacts all of those around us. I often say, ‘As leaders, we speak through a megaphone’. What happened next was a powerful display of how we show up to others and how we best optimize our team. If you seek to develop yourself or your team and crave a meaningful and impactful experience, I encourage you to start by ‘Taking the Reins’ and spending a day being coached by Shari and the herd. In gratitude.”

K. Albarado, President and CEO, Helios HR

“While working with the inaugural Leadership Fauquier group, Shari’s dynamic and interactive approach to facilitation kept the group fully engaged. Her variety of exercises ranged from high energy and creative to cerebral and focused, which allowed the range of personalities and operating styles involved to each excel and grow. Her attention to interpersonal skills also established an open communication base from which the group has continued to build. I highly recommend Shari for any organization developing programs in which people are cultivated into leaders.”

Scott Harlan, CEO, Talk19 Media

“Shari helped our team develop a five-year strategic plan at our annual retreat. Starting with a leadership assessment, she helped our team find insights into their natural leadership styles. During the retreat, she was insightful and empathetic. We developed our vision efficiently and with alignment. In my opinion, Shari’s contribution was priceless.”

Bill Aiton, President, SSi Consulting

“Shari presented ‘Take the Reins to Leadership Excellence: Developing a Leadership Culture’ to our company during a week-long offsite meeting. She kept our group engaged and actively contributing throughout the session…The concepts she brought up triggered insights and ideas for both myself and others. Shortly after the event, I reached out to a colleague with an idea for her as a direct outcome of the session which she found to be helpful. I highly recommend Shari to any company that wants to develop and improve their leadership and team!”

Sarah Holland, Director of Business Development, Unanet

“Done correctly, meeting facilitation can create greater staff cohesion, clarify roles and responsibilities, and help an organization achieve its full potential by aligning its mission, goals, and programs. Shari Goodwin has developed meeting facilitation into an art form. She creates a relaxing environment in which participants feel free to reflect, brainstorm, and dream, and then she helps staff translate their dreams and aspirations into concrete action steps. In the process, she makes meetings both enjoyable and productive.”

Bob Walker, President, Population Institute

“Moving into a new, novel and innovative business opportunity takes courage, wisdom and keen insight. I cannot imagine anyone better qualified to journey with you than Shari Goodwin. She has been where you are. She can take you where you need to go. It is that simple.”

Mindy Tatz Chernoff, CEO, The Resonant Horse

“I’ve had the good fortune to hear Shari Goodwin speak on several occasions and she was phenomenal. As a result of her performance, I brought her in to speak to our headquarters staff and program managers. The group was impressed. Her ability to capture her audience is incredible. When she speaks to a group, it’s as if she is speaking directly to you. Shari is knowledgeable and passionate when she speaks making her message inspirational and motivating.”

Dalena Kanouse, President and CEO, MTCI

“Thank you Shari for yet another wonderful workshop. You’re so skilled at guiding people on an inward journey that is empowering, encouraging, and always supplies a ‘next step’ we can put in place on our life path. You are masterful, caring and compassionate. Thank you!”

L. Thomas (Trusting Deeply Retreat)

“Shari taught me how to lead with my heart, which I’ve been told is the secret to the tango, but I now believe it is the secret to life. I am an empty-nester lawyer who worked in the same organization for 30 years and, by all accounts, was successful. I felt I wanted more, but I had no idea what that meant. Shari challenged me to take a critical look at myself, to figure out what made me tick, and assess whether what I had was what I wanted or not. Along the way, Shari taught me to show up present everywhere all the time. That simple lesson had amazing results in both the short and long term. Shari was both tactical – have a running list of people to talk to and meet – and supportive – interested in the ups and downs of my specific projects. Then, all of a sudden an opportunity that I would have never imagined possible came my way. I am leaving the comfortable space, where some consider me an institution, and starting at a firm that I never imagined was in my grasp. I credit Shari for this amazing transformation, but even if the new job had not materialized, I would still be better off because I learned how to lead with my heart.”

K. Armstrong, Attorney

“Shari’s sixth sense is a gift, she helps you identify your natural talents and strengths and positions you for greatness.”

M. Cole, CEO, ESD

“I came to Shari looking for a business coach and was amazed to find so much more. The work that we did not only changed the way that I run my business, it changed the way I approach everything in my life. I have come away from this experience with a clear vision of where my life is headed. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to make a positive and impactful change in their professional or personal life.”

D. Burton

“I have been fortunate enough to be part of Shari’s programs on numerous occasions. Whether presenting to large groups or gatherings as small as the attorneys in my office, Shari always draws her audience in. First, her enthusiastic approach can’t help but make you feel energized. Her self-deprecating stories make her easy to relate to. Shari’s words resonate so strongly from the heart, audiences can feel it. Yet, she also gives practical step by step advice to help business people set goals and solve problems. In this community, Shari always draws a crowd when making presentations. Many local business people, like me, attend each time we have the opportunity to hear her speak and come away inspired to continue to grow our businesses.”

G. Williams, Practice Manager, The Office of Mark B.Williams, PLC

“Shari Goodwin is an engaging and passionate speaker and delivered an inspiring presentation to our group. Her innovative methods for goal achievement and living your dreams involve partnering with horses to see your authentic self. Our audience was delighted with her insights. I would definitely have her back on my stage!”

K. Bouweiri, President and CEO, Reston Limousine, Founder, Sterling Women

“As was the case in the Alpha Horse workshop, the other attendees are as much of an asset as the horses. You attract articulate, open people who say what they think when they think it. This creates a learning environment that is full of ideas and provokes me to consider perspectives very different from my own. Your intuitive leadership always amazes me and is worth the price of admission by itself! The same attributes that make the group fascinating could make it unmanageable in less skillful hands. Well done!”

Nancy Dillon

“When you experience a presentation by Shari Goodwin, you will learn that at the core, leadership inspires and motivates. You will understand the science behind unconscious things you do – and how to become more intentional in your decisions. Shari guides you on this journey with energy and humor, embodying the example she teaches, of authentic leadership. I highly recommend Shari Goodwin as a speaker, a coach, and a catalyst for the changes that you want to make today.”

P. Kimmey, CEO, Kimmey Training & Consulting

“I have been blessed in having this day with you, the team, and fellow participants… Your leadership, presentation, and thoughtfulness is so evident, thorough, inspiring, validating, enriching… You are such a knowledgeable person – concerning HUMANS and EQUINES – and I look forward to more possibilities of workshops!”

Betty Winings, Reading, PA

“I have used Shari’s coaching services several times, particularly when I am ready to raise my game and move to another level. She has been directly responsible for my increased income. She has a way of believing in the client’s possibilities and allows just the right amount of tension between ‘Oh my God, I can’t do this!’ and ‘I have to do this; there’s no turning back!’ And gently leads in the direction of ‘go for it.’ She is a wealth of resource, confidence, and belief held together with carefully crafted skill and talent.”

Marianne Clyde, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Best Selling Author, Marianne Clyde Center for Holistic Psychotherapy

“Shari is that rare individual – an original thinker who is brilliant in her strategies yet down to earth in her demeanor and personality. Her insights are amazing, her techniques for applying them realistic and doable and her presentation style makes it easy to learn from her. Too many of the “gurus” out there seem to think that the more obscure their information or presentation style the more “important” they sound. Not Shari! Her teaching style is accessible and the knowledge she shares is worth ten times what she charges. I’ve learned so much from her, and I know that no matter where you are in your life or business or where you want to go, Shari can help you get there AND she will make the journey interesting, relevant and fun!”

P. Tharp, Owner, Growing Her Own Business.com

“I have attended several equine facilitated learning seminars and Shari’s Alpha Horse Leadership Seminar is by far the best. First, Shari is a top notch executive coach and trainer. Her explanations of the process and facilitation of the exercises were superb. Her equine partners, each with their own personalities and leadership requirements, clearly demonstrated to me that as a leader I have to be ready to adjust my leadership style to suit the situation. The exercises helped me see myself as a leader in a new way, helped me under understand my approach to leadership, and greatly enhanced my confidence in myself. Thank you Shari, Lila, Cali, and Noble!”

B. McIntyre

“Shari has a unique ability to leave each person walking away feeling positive and empowered to take steps forward in their own life to reach out for their dreams. Dealing with challenging subjects that people often guard close to their heart, Shari effortlessly helps each person feel as if their dream is only a few steps away, no matter how big it may be. Shari shares her unique gift of helping people to find their best from within in a gentle and caring way that fosters trust and support. I am thrilled to be able to be a part of Shari’s classes and look forward to working with her in the future as I achieve my dreams!”

Ginny, Maryland

“Today’s leadership training seminar was amazing. Shari is an amazing teacher but the horses actually taught us. I was way out of my comfort zone…. Having to truly be my authentic self and stand in that truth instead of being a doormat was at first not comfortable for me but the horses showed me the way. I highly recommend this course for anyone…It changed my life.”

J. Dobbs, Small Business Owner



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