Executives in Transition

Executives in Transition

I help executives and corporate leaders meet new career goals to fully contribute their strengths to the world and live by their own design. Several clients have secured multiple six-figure salaries with generous bonus packages. Let my unique background as a former executive recruiter, staffing specialist, corporate director, and now business strategist get you where you want to go. I know how to navigate this space! This proven program is for experienced professionals ready to uplevel to the C-Suite or other senior levels of leadership. Position, package, and promote yourself with confidence, grace, and authenticity to secure your dream job. Many of my clients are earning more than they ever thought possible in top level positions that perfectly match their expertise. We’ll apply winning business strategies to showcase your skills and generate leads that produce results. You’ll develop your unique value proposition, update your resume package, design and implement an action plan, and role-play challenging interview questions anticipated from Board members, top leaders, and other stakeholders. We’ll teach you the art of negotiating and closing techniques to seal the deal. Contact me for a complimentary consultation. Here are a few comments from our clients:


“I am an empty-nester lawyer who worked in the same organization for 30 years and, by all accounts, was successful. I felt I wanted more, but I had no idea what that meant. Shari challenged me to take a critical look at myself, to figure out what made me tick, and assess whether what I had was what I wanted or not. Along the way, Shari taught me to show up present everywhere all the time. That simple lesson had amazing results in both the short and long term. Shari was both tactical – have a running list of people to talk to and meet – and supportive – interested in the ups and downs of my specific projects. Then, all of a sudden an opportunity that I would have never imagined possible came my way. I am leaving the comfortable space, where some consider me an institution, and starting at a firm that I never imagined was in my grasp. I credit Shari for this amazing transformation…” K. Armstrong, Attorney

“With Shari’s coaching I was able to tap into my other 90% and visualize myself in the executive position for which I was striving. Professional positioning, effective self promotion, and interview preparation and readiness resulted in my having multiple options and landing a position I would not have thought imaginable previously, a dream job! Shari’s sixth sense is a gift, she helps you identify your natural talents and gifts and positions you for greatness.” M. Cole, CEO, ESD

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