As I watch the tulips bloom, the apple trees sprout their buds, and tiny stalks of cattails rise in the wetland, I am reminded of the persistence of life. Nature always seeks more life. Plants reach for the best soil, light, and water for optimal growth. Grazing animals search for the best grass, carefully select the tastiest shoots and spit out the unwanted. Predators seek out choice territories and hunt with vigor. All are driven by the desire for more growth.

To grow and expand is natural. And to live and work by your own design is natural. But to do so, you must notice the portals. Portals are openings that will bring you more life. They are connection points. You know when you experience one because it draws you in. It beckons, inviting you closer. Sometimes it feels a bit scary. Portals are openings to new possibilities, and deeper expressions of truth, love, joy, and abundance.

Portals can be physical, emotional, or spiritual. They can be people, conversations, places, projects, artwork, animals, thoughts and perspectives; they can be pretty much anything. Portals allow you to make shifts and see your world from a new perspective. To grow and to step more fully into your greatness.

But, portals are invisible to the unaware. Many people are too preoccupied to see the bountiful portals around them. Others may notice them, but fear stepping through. You must be willing to see the portals. And to see portals clearly, something needs to be released. You may have to challenge your assumptions, expectations, patterns of behavior, and/or comfort zone.

Take a moment to notice the portals around you. What is opening? What do you see? Do you dare to step through and explore? Go ahead, put a toe in.

Here’s to stepping through the portals into the light of your greatness! The horses and I wish you all Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and Happy Spring.