Everyone knows that confidence is a key element for success in anything in life. However, confidence expands and contracts. Confidence can be situational and conditional. Confidence is gained over time and may be lost in an instant.

So, I explored the concept of confidence during some recent time in the quiet.

I asked myself a question: since confidence can be a bit flaky and unreliable, is something more solid available?

The answer surprised me, but felt so certain.

Yes. Essence. Essence is your true being.

Essence is ever-present and unwavering. It’s a light deep inside each of us. It is your pure greatness untainted by emotion and circumstances. It just IS. And it has an energetic vibration unique to you.

When you connect to your essence and allow it to guide you, magic happens. Your confidence naturally expands. You see possibilities. And you feel great. Because you are in alignment with your true self.

Once you connect to your essence, you can develop a strategy to take you anywhere you desire in business and life. But if you are disconnected from your essence, the best strategy in the world will not be effective.

One of my gifts is to see your essence. It happens all the time and has since I was a child. Every person I meet, every company I consult, I see their essence, their greatness, no matter their current condition. I also see unlimited possibilities and a path forward. It’s just who I am.

What is your essence? What does it feel like? Take a moment and explore the beautiful essence of you.

Here’s to your greatness!