Commitment is the key to success in anything.

When you’re committed:

• You make decisions
• You take action
• You give your all
• Others feel it
• You get results.

As your commitment deepens and grows, you expand your world and new possibilities open… Most of the time. But what if you’re committed and nothing seems to be going your way? Ah, here’s a little secret that not many others know: to expand and open new possibilities, you must CLEAR some SPACE!
You can’t jam all the new possibilities and new learning into the same old place. They won’t fit. They’ll compete for space, fall to the “back,” or intermix and dilute your results. Kind of like your closet when you buy new clothes. You must toss out some stuff and make room for the new.

You are this space. As you expand and grow, bring forward the best of you – the skills, talents, and experiences that have served you well. And release old approaches, technologies, and ways of thinking that no longer work. Make space for your next invention. Clearing space is the focus of many of my clients before they launch something new and incredible and see awesome results. Know that this is a critical part of the path to success. If you don’t clear space, even the best strategies will BACKFIRE.

Consider the following questions:

1. Are you interested in or committed to your goal? There is a big difference.
2. What are your “super-powers,” those talents and skills that have supported your success over and over again?
3. What must be released to move you forward to your goal?

Check your commitment, bring forward the best of you, and allow the rest to fall away. Detach from old patterns and ways of thinking and give yourself the support you need.

My commitment is to help my clients achieve their goals and find peace, top profits, and joy. And even though I’ve created a multi-million dollar business from scratch, a six-figure consulting practice, and Jaeger2, a thriving six-figure business that I love that continues to grow, I invest regularly in training and coaching with top experts. In fact, I’m traveling again for another deep dive at the end of the month. And I invested in new assessment tools to help my clients gain more insight. Now, I’m clearing all kinds of space to bring even more value to my clients through my Take the Reins programs, stay tuned for details.

So, apply your commitment to an excellent strategy, release old stuff, and step into your greatness. This is not a dress rehearsal. The time is NOW. What are you waiting for?

Here’s to your success!