Yes. Fear is good. If you can feel fear, it means:

• You’re alive
• Your instincts are working
• Your senses are sharp

All top performers feel fear. It creates an adrenaline rush and pushes them to deliver their best. Fear is an opportunity for growth. If you accept it.

The key is to not let fear stop you. Feel it and take action. Don’t let it suck you into a swirl of confusion and doubt and distract you from your goals. Don’t let it make you hide in a cave. Or steal your dreams. So, what do you need to keep moving forward?

• More expertise? Seek training, read books, research, and get smarter and better.
• Support? Reach out to trusted family members, friends, and mentors.
• Accountability? Join a group, find a partner, hire a coach.
• New opportunities? Expand your world, meet new people. Join a trade association. Volunteer. Go to conferences.
• Courage? Take tiny action every day to advance your goals and build self-trust.

Success is a process. It’s a series of consistent tiny actions over time aligned with your goals. So embrace fear. Use it to recognize and break old patterns. And step out of your comfort zone into a new space of opportunity. It may be better than you ever expected.