Many of you have seen me give talks to big groups, lead trainings, do videos, and mingle around at networking events having a blast. And I am having a blast. But, I want to share a little secret that may affect you too…

I just returned from an amazing business development conference and learned some great new things that will help me and my clients better leverage our work. The event was held at a beautiful resort on the ocean in San Diego and attracted many high-income earners and successful entrepreneurs. I attend conferences regularly to learn about new trends and approaches to business. Professional and personal development activities are critical line items in my expense account. However… here’s my secret.

I have a strong INTROVERT streak that often shows up at these events. Yes, it’s true. When I walk into the main ballroom, I sometimes feel overwhelmed and want to run out the door. My energy shrinks, contracts and I feel myself almost becoming invisible. Not good in a room of powerful networking opportunities!

As a highly intuitive person, I feel the swirl of energy of others around me, and in a room full of over 100 excited folks, it can be overpowering. And shut me down. If I let it.

Can you relate? If so, here are a few tips to optimize your experience and stay present:

  1. Prepare yourself in advance. Before you walk into the big conference room, ground yourself (in your hotel room). Feel your feet on the floor, breathe deeply and connect with your own vibration deep inside. Give yourself a few minutes to really anchor this feeling. This is YOU fully present. This is critical to prevent your energy from being entrained by the group and causing you overwhelm. Re-ground frequently throughout the day(s). Know your energy and separate it from the masses.
  2. Remind yourself why you chose to attend this event and what you seek to gain (your intention and purpose).
  3. As you enter the room, choose your seat, introduce yourself to the person next to you and ask a question. Look them in the eye and LISTEN to their response. Pretend like this person is the only other person in the room. Focus and give them your full attention. Do this with every person you meet.
  4. After each session, pick ONE piece of information to ponder. Not everything. At these big conferences, information comes fast and there is a lot to absorb. Think about one thing that you thought was interesting. You may want to ask someone else for their thoughts on this area at lunch or dinner.
  5. Let go and have fun! Give yourself permission to discover new cool people doing interesting things. And give yourself permission for others to get to know YOU. Your presence MATTERS and your unique gifts may be just what another person needs to hear. Everyone appreciates a sincere one-on-one connection. I’ve developed deep relationships with many folks I’ve met at conferences and trainings. But I had to shift my energy to allow them in.

Follow these steps to expand your world, open to new possibilities, and build fresh relationships. You can be super powerful and introverted, you just need to be sure to stay in touch with yourself.

Here’s to being fully present and having a blast! – Shari