As the first day of spring unfolds, we are presented with a whole new world. A world which requires us all to shift our beliefs, thoughts, behaviors, and actions to a new normal or risk dire consequences. It’s an opportunity to recalibrate, re-discover what we hold most dear, get back in touch with our own humanity, and move forward in a new way. This time can be scary as the virus spreads, stock market tumbles and businesses are shuttered. However, you can also choose to see it as a powerful time of cathartic cleansing and a portal for insight and innovation. It’s your choice.

Humans are masters at adaptability. But if you let fear consume you, you may miss seeing the many opportunities for growth. I list 9 tips below. I have been so impressed by my clients’ courage and grace as they lead themselves and their teams through the uncertainty.

Your commitment to a positive future vision is key. Seed that future NOW. Regardless of the current state, hold the certainty that things will improve. Dare yourself to entertain the thought that things could actually be better than ever in the future. Allow yourself to experience the feeling of that possibility even if the picture is blurry. You don’t have to have the specific picture, but you do have to allow the feeling of positivity. This feeling will guide you.

We’ve been in the space of triage. First responders are still in that space. But for most of us, now it’s time to move from reactive to proactive. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Clarify your top 5 values – why are they important to you? What do they look like in action? Your values will help guide you. This also helps shift your mind out of fear.
  2. Connect – with your team, clients, vendors, subcontractors, stakeholders, your Board (if you have one), and prospects. Reach out regularly to avoid the feeling of isolation. Be honest and connect more deeply than perhaps you have in the past.
  3. Set structure – if you’ve not worked regularly from home, develop a daily structure to be sure you stay focused and productive. Schedule regular phone/video call appointments with the folks in 2 above. Each day, set your intention, prioritize your activities, and identify the three high-impact actions that you will take. Include your self-care time in this schedule.
  4. Prospect – Build new relationships with prospects. Now is a great time to do that since many folks are working from home, checking LinkedIn (be sure your profile is solid!), and using other social media. You can find out a lot about others since many are posting online – what a fantastic opportunity for target market research on a very personal level. Offer your expertise through posts, articles, videos, and webinars, so prospects get to know, like and trust you. This builds relationship capital and buyer awareness.
  5. Consider new approaches to doing business – add online offerings, be a value-added partner to existing online businesses, add curb-side pick-up or delivery services, add phone/video consultations, create a small new product that you can send to your top clients and others, help a nonprofit who shares your same values and ask them to highlight your organization on social media and website. Be creative.
  6. Update your pricing strategies – include payment options.
  7. Refresh your website, lead magnets, free gifts, business cards, and other outreach materials.
  8. Is it time for something new? Now is a great time to reinvent. Update your resume, scan job postings, research firms, create your own ideal position description, and begin to reach out. Top decision-makers may be more accessible now than ever due to a slower pace of work and travel restrictions. Leverage that!
  9. Be patient, have faith, and take good care of yourself. New seeds take time to bloom. The investments you make now will pay off down the road. Have faith that a larger purpose is at work. Do your part and release what’s beyond your control.

I believe that beneath the surface level physical experience, a beautiful future is emerging. Look for the moments of beauty that are everpresent. See the signs of new life. Feel the joy of simply being alive. You are part of something extraordinary.