Over the years, I’ve developed a lot of free content from free talks, seminars, and interviews to many articles with tips, videos, and tons of social media posts.  I thought it may be helpful to list a few here since now is a great time to learn new things, build skills, and deepen understanding. This is selected content and is not a comprehensive list. Hopefully the resources listed will provide some additional insights and tools to help you through this time. I also post regularly on Facebook, including short fun videos that I post nowhere else, so if you’re inclined, check out the Facebook page and give it a like to stay up-to-date in “real-time.” And be sure to check out the many other articles on my blog and youtube channel. Here’s to building a strong foundation for long-term success!

Building Herd Immunity: Mental, Emotional, Physical, & Spiritual Considerations, A Discussion, April 24, 2020

Heart-Centered Leadership in a Changing World: Key Tools to Stay Sane, Centered, and Move Forward, March 27, 2020

Article: Spring, Rebirth & the New Business Paradigm, March 2020

Article: 7 Tips to Revitalize Your Business, 2020

Heart-Centered Leadership: Reinventing Your Place in the World, October 14, 2019

Article: Leading Through Change: Managing Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, & Ambiguity (VUCA)

High-Impact Leadership

Reinvention in the Round with Lemon Squeezy Part 1

Reinvention in the Round with Lemon Squeezy Part 2

Reinvention in the Round with Lemon Squeezy Part 3

Get More Clients & Close Deals with Ease, audio recording

Reinventing Greatness Interview, Meditation Museum interview with Dr. Sister Jenna, 2019

Superachiever Series, Christina Eanes podcast, August 7, 2019 Interview, Reinventing Greatness

Jazzed About Work, Bev Jones podcast via National Public Radio, October 12, 2017

Leading from the Heart, Interview September 16, 2019

Divine Partnerships, Interview September 7, 2018

Making Your Passion Your Business, Interview May 14, 2018

What is Heart-Centered Success? Interview April 9, 2018

Select Oldies and Still Relevant (Note: video quality is not great, but the content is still relevant! Some were from private classes I led):

Qualifying Leads

Your Highest Impact Area for Cash Flow

3 Strategies for Success

Cash Flow Part 1

Cash Flow Part 2

Cash Flow Part 3