“Fear Not Your Power.” This phrase came to me in meditation one morning. As the words settled into my consciousness, tiny tears welled in my eyes. I was reminded of the numerous times in the past that I had ignored the stirring in my heart to leap out and take a risk, to break the “rules” and do something unconventional. To speak up and be seen fully.

Feeling your own power can be scary. Offering it to the world may bring rejection. Power must be greatly respected and mindfully managed with compassion.

Power can also be dangerous. As Voltaire, Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and even Spiderman’s uncle said, “with great power comes great responsibility.” When ignited, unbridled power can explode into chaos and strike fear and panic. And power in the hands of an insecure leader can be devastating.

Today my horse Noble embodied both explosive power and responsible power. Leaping about at the end of the lunge line, he reared up, spun and kicked out high over his head. He took off bucking then stopped, snorted, arched his neck and stared at me – his veins bulging, his tail held high. Impressive. This pose was intended to strike fear in his rival, which I guess was me at the time. But his own power actually scared him. I could see the uncertainty in his eyes and feel his doubt. He didn’t know what to do next with all this power. I stood still, offered neutral energy and an energetic line of intention for him to follow. After looking me over (yes, I was sized up by a horse), he walked forward quietly, his eyes soft and relaxed.

This is familiar ground to me. I’ve worked with many sensitive, intelligent high-energy horses and people. There is a delicate balance between inspiring productive action and causing a blow-out. In these cases, using quiet deliberate power is critical. The same applies to business. If your business is in a fragile state, one tiny gentle move is enough to gain momentum toward the results you desire. But if you’re really stuck, sometimes you need to make a big move. In either case, you must accept responsibility for your own your power and wield it appropriately.

What is your power? What is your unique gift to share with the world?