Now is a time of transition. Cooler weather and shorter days are great reminders that time is passing and nothing lasts forever. I always feel an urgency this time of year, like a squirrel scurrying about hiding nuts, making sure that all is in order for winter. I can easily get caught up in ensuring that all the goals I made this year are on track and make a huge push to achieve them. But, if you remember, this year I decided NOT to set goals, and to instead focus on a implementing a sustainable process while detaching from outcome. I’m happy to report that this seems to be working quite well (except for when I forget and get crazy type A!). I’ve had to adjust to this change.

Change is good. It brings fresh opportunities and a chance to clear out what is no longer needed. Many of my clients are in transition – making shifts to accommodate fast growth, new services, changes in leadership, and to live by their own design. Like all transitions, change can be bumpy, especially if you’re out of balance. My horses get quite feisty when I’m out of balance and my business definitely suffers when I get off center. So what can you do? Try these five steps to maintain balance in your work:

  1. Be aware of your energy and your motivations. How are you feeling? Why? If you’re feeling nervous, what is the threat? Give voice to it and acknowledge it. Take a breath and ask yourself, “what is true now?” and “how else can I think about this?” These questions help to switch from a place of fear to balance and neutralize the emotional charge.
  2. Get support. Who or what do you need to help you stay balanced during this time? Depending on your needs, reach out to friends, reconnect with family, take a class, or hire an expert. Give yourself what you need. Don’t skimp.
  3. Keep moving forward. The size of the step you take doesn’t matter. Tiny baby steps over time yield powerful results.
  4. Focus on the good. We are very quick to criticize ourselves and others. Release judgment. Train your brain to see the good and you will get more “good.”
  5. Remember why you decided to make the change and connect to your longer-term vision.

And forgive yourself when things get awkward. It’s just part of the process. My horses remind me to “embrace the awkward space, a necessary stop on the journey to greatness.” If you never step outside your comfort zone, you never achieve your heart’s desire. Take the step, rebalance, and keep going. Here’s to your success!