To get want you really want in life and business, you must take a LEAP of FAITH. A leap of faith declares to the universe, “I believe in ME and I deserve to have what I want!” It demonstrates your commitment to your desire. It feels exhilarating. And super scary.

You know when you’re on the verge of a leap of faith. You’re sick of the status quo. Tired of settling. You’re restless and searching. Bored by a life that appears to “have it all.” You feel uncomfortable. Uncertain. Even guilty for wanting more.

You may try to run from this feeling or bury it with distractions like overindulging in “busy-ness,” food, drink, exercise, or something else. But it haunts you.

I know this “on the verge” feeling well. Each time it starts to churn, I know something new is emerging. A new space is opening – an opportunity to play a bigger game, go deeper or more fully honor my truest desires. There is risk involved and I must make a decision. Do I say “yes” or “no?”

Sound familiar? If so, congratulations! Your greatness is calling, inviting you into a new space. Will you say “yes?”

Know that a leap of faith without a plan often results in a crash. So, before you take the leap, play out some “what if” scenarios. Create a plan and set yourself up for success.

I’ve taken many leaps of faith to create thriving businesses, pursue my passions and live by my own design. It’s not easy, but it’s totally worth it. On the other side of “yes” is a beautiful place.