Organizing receipts and files for tax season can be daunting. Cold hard facts stare you down sparking mixed emotions. A stab of fear. The warmth of joy. Date-by-date, a reality check on the truth of your commitment, impact and influence at a moment in time. Each expense a reminder of your dedication and your willingness to invest in your dreams. Each sale a reminder of your glorious impact. The risks you are willing to take.

As I record receipts and organize files, I see my business through the objective lens of math. My investments are enormous. But each expense is a calculated risk; it meets certain criteria and is carefully weighed for potential long-term impact. And each year, my business has grown. And so has my joy.

It’s tricky, you must keep an eye on your return on investment, but not all “returns” are quantitative. Mostly it’s the qualitative returns, the ones you don’t even see, the budding relationships, the impact of your talk on one person, your reputation, and your confidence, that can eventually bring you the biggest results.

As you compile your tax receipts, take a moment to pause and consider the investments you made in 2014. What are you building? Where will you invest this year? What do you most need? What do you desire? Take a chance on YOU. The best investment you can ever make is in yourself.