Trusting Deeply Retreat

Trusting Deeply Retreat: Deepening Trust & Resilience

Saturday, May 15, 2021, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Marshall, VA

I invite you to join me at the wetland and in the arena for this special retreat as we dive deep into the power of trust and resilience, key elements required to move forward in changing times. Now more than ever, trust is essential for success. Self-trust empowers you to take chances, discover new opportunities, build relationships, and achieve your desires, no matter the external circumstances. And, trust is reflective – the more you trust yourself, the more others will trust you – this I learned from horses, dogs, and nature. Let the beauty of nature and the horses melt away stress and uncover a sacred space in yourself of trust and knowing. This retreat focuses on “being” not “doing.”

This will be an inspiring time for connection, dialogue, discovery, and reflection. We’ll explore what trust looks like, feels like, and how to overcome resistance and be more trusting. I’ll also teach you my favorite empowerment exercise. We’ll dive deep, break through resistance, and open to the infinite possibilities of abundance to move forward with grace. All from the sacred grounds that I trust the most, Cobbler Corner Farm.

We’ll expose and release limiting beliefs and discover new approaches you can take NOW to move forward with more ease. This retreat builds on content from my two Amazon best-selling books, Reinventing Greatness and Take the Reins, as well as new learning emerging from successful reinventions during the pandemic. My goal is to help you walk with clarity and confidence into the new.

Our day will include:

  • Relaxation and grounding exercises
  • Walking meditation
  • Reflection and journaling
  • Heart-felt conversation and next steps
  • Celebration and gratitude.

You’ll leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, more open to trust, and with specific actions you can take now in your work and life. Lunch is provided.

The wetland

I invite you to click the “Buy Now” button below to join us for this sacred time. Our retreats have been called “profound,” “life-changing,” and have catalyzed powerful transformation. Space is limited.

This retreat is perfect for experienced professionals looking for fresh insights and to relax in nature. Discussions will be interspersed with relaxation exercises with and without horses. No horse experience is required, all horse interactions will be demonstrations and you will have lots of opportunities to share some love with the horses. We always have an incredible group and I can’t wait to see who comes together! Investment: $497

Clients Say: “Shari, you are such an expert at helping people dig down to their authentic selves, allowing us to see who we are and the potential for greatness and success that we all possess. No one can teach that – it is your incredible gift to the world… You are a way-shower of the highest caliber and I feel so blessed to have you in my life. With Love and Gratitude, Lori Thomas”

*Please note our cancellation policy: cancellations within 7 days of the event are non-refundable, barring an emergency.