This weekend I had an epiphany while walking in nature. The wind was brisk. Leaves fluttered to the ground around me creating a carpet of browns, reds and yellows. I paused for a moment, revelling in the smell of damp leaves, the breeze cool on my face. Gazing up at the naked branches I realized that nature always releases what it no longer needs. Leaves drop so the tree can live. Birds molt, snakes shed their skins. Clouds full with moisture release rain. New territories are sought. Nature always moves toward more growth.

But this is not so true for humans. We tend to hang on to stuff. Emotional stuff. Physical stuff. Approaches that no longer produce results. People who hurt us. Roles we’ve outgrown. We resist our natural urge to grow and expand. We deny our dreams and stunt our growth.

Yet the more we resist, the worse we feel. As nature shows, to grow is natural. And to be successful, you MUST release what is not needed, embrace new thinking, and take new action.

One of my favorite books is Raymond Holliwell’s “Working with the Law.” I’ve read it many times. In it he writes, “There can be no progress without change, no growth without renewal. There must be a constant stream of new thought – better thought, truer thought – to insure progression in life. As soon as you perceive the better, let go of the old, grasp the new. To continue to hold on to the old and inferior when the new and superior is at hand is to retard growth, and to this one cause may be traced many of the ills of man.”

Yes. Allow the evolution of you and your work. Challenge your own beliefs and work smarter not harder. Get support. I used to believe that the harder you work, the more you succeed. Not true – sometimes you just end up exhausted and depleted.

I know that you can thrive in your work and live in balance and joy. I’ve had to release a lot of stuff and learn new things to do it. As I expand, I continue to release more and learn new approaches to meet my goals.

If you’re ready to release old paradigms that no longer serve and stretch and grow with your natural desire, give me a call. My proven coaching programs are customized to meet your specific goals. There is nothing more important than working in the flow of your own potential. But it does take effort. So give yourself the support you deserve. There is no better investment than YOU.