Top athletes, performers and business leaders know that a magnificent mindset is key to success. A magnificent mindset recognizes and pursues opportunities, quickly bounces back from the inevitable challenges of life and business, and keeps you on track to your goals. It fuels your actions with positivity, possibility and power and is critical to achieving the impact you desire.

Many of my clients have mastered their own magnificent mindsets to propel profits and achieve their big goals. I believe that an intentionally crafted mindset is your most important asset. A less than stellar mindset steals your joy, creates worry and yields inconsistent results.

But what is a magnificent mindset? My dog Mel, a 12-year old lab/pitbull mix has one and below he demonstrates the five qualities of a magnificent mindset. We can all learn a lot from him. How many of these qualities do you share? How do they show up at work?

5 Qualities of a Magnificent Mindset:
1. Gives full attention to the present moment. A magnificent mindset is not distracted by worrying about the past or future. Mel immerses himself in the “now” while eating, playing with friends, resting, sniffing, learning new tricks, and chewing on a bone.
2. Releases judgment of others and situations. Mel’s dog friend Cleo can be snappish if he accidently touches her feet or invades her space without permission. But he never takes offense or cowers. The next moment may find them sharing a bone or tugging a sock. Mel’s ability to forgive and forget allows him to see new options and create more fun.
3. Focuses on what you want and pursues it with vigor. Mel is a dog who knows what he wants and how to get it. He loves to sleep in the sun and will seek out the perfect spot for a nap.
4. Is resilient. We adopted Mel from the local SPCA when he was eight years old. He had been living there for a year and returned twice before he found us. His past is checkered, but he never gave up. And he never held a grudge.
5. Is open to give and receive love. Mel is a kind and loving dog. He mentors our younger dogs and gives them confidence and inspires play. He loves bully rubs and will roll over on his back and offer his belly to any passerby. He makes others laugh and brings delight to all who know him. His happy personality attracts others and he has a strong community of supporters.

Mel is naturally gifted with a magnificent mindset, but most of us have to work a bit to cultivate this powerful state. I work on mine daily. Directing your mindset requires discipline and consistent attention balanced with a sense of play. It’s like strengthening a muscle – deliberate targeted exercises over time increase power and flexibility. The good news is that anyone can do it.

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