In today’s fast-changing high-pressured environment, it’s easy to get spun around in a sea of reactivity and doubt. The vicissitudes of success combined with global uncertainty can be challenging. Business, project and personal needs may compete for your attention all at once and the constant barrage of doom and gloom on the news can cast shadows on even the sunniest personalities. So, what can you do to regain focus and move forward with certainty?

It’s about managing uncertainty with certainty. I’ve had to practice this a lot this year as I swung and whiffed or actually hit the curve balls before they smacked me in the head, lol! And when they did get me, I had to get up fast. To gain clarity and confidence in any situation and manage your own doubt, consider the following questions:

1. What would it look like if I took the emotion out?
2. What can I control?
3. Am I doing the best I can with what I can control?
4. What am I assuming about this?
5. How else can I look at the situation?
6. What needs to be released?
7. Who/what else can help me? Am I willing to ask for it?
8. What would give me more peace?
9. If my 100-year old self was watching me, what would that self say to me?
10. What are the gifts in this situation?

These questions may be pondered in any order or you may choose to consider only one. Responses to these questions influence your state of mind and energy and impact your ability to see options and take action. We’re aiming for that sweet spot, the high-impact zone, as I discuss in this video on the High Impact Leadership Model. Get into that zone and you’ll work and live with more ease and deeper impact regardless of circumstance. I’d love to hear your thoughts after you ponder these questions. Here’s to peace of mind and clarity of path.