Now is a great time to align yourself and your business with a plan for prosperity. Many people go about this by pushing harder and working longer. Although this approach can yield near-term results, it can be exhausting and is unsustainable in the long term. I know this firsthand. Instead, allow the “flow” and take high impact action in accordance with your heart’s wisdom.

Flow has been defined in many ways – for me, it’s a state of being and acting congruent with your talents, strengths and desires. Many of my clients have used flow to help achieve their biggest business and career goals. Most of all, they are happy. Here are seven steps to allow the flow:

  1. Get Calm. Flow gets blocked in an anxious or “busy-brain” state when your thoughts race. Anxiety and busy-brain limit your ability to open to new possibilities and abundance. Take several deep breaths and settle your thoughts and emotions.
  2. Get Present. Continue breathing normally. Become aware of your breathing and your heart beat. Allow both to find a natural steady rhythm. Become aware of your surroundings. Use your senses to listen, feel the air, see without judgment, and relax into the now. With practice you can do steps one and 2 with one breath.
  3. Notice the good. Bring your focus to your heart space. Soften your heart and breathe deeply. What is good in your life? Allow your brain to wander and find answers to these questions:
    • What gives you joy?
    • When do you feel great at work?
    • What kind of people do you love to be with? Why?
    • What’s your superpower? (Everyone has a superpower, just have fun with this question. When a smile comes to your face, you’re onto to something.)
  4. Expand the good. Breathe into your heart space and allow yourself to dream. Consider the following questions and release the urge to figure out “how.”
    • What if you had more of the “good?”
    • How would you feel?
    • What would it look like?
  5. Take action. Based on your answers, reach into the good and identify and take one tiny baby step that will bring you more good. This will align you with the flow. If the action you identified feels too big or unachievable, break it down into smaller and smaller pieces until it feels easy. Use your superpower to help you. When you take action, you’ll feel great and start to build momentum. This is the flow – you’re walking your talk and congruent with your heart’s desires.
  6. Share the good. Share your findings, this includes a new way of thinking or insight, new activity, new offering if you’re in business, a good book, or whatever else you discover. Write about it, talk about it, use whatever platform suits you. A one-one conversation or a social media post are two simple approaches. When you share with others, you build stronger alignment. Others notice and eventually seek out your positive work.
  7. Repeat this process daily. As with any goal, consistency over time gives results. Note that flow is not linear, it ebbs. Embrace the ebb and keep going.

Being in the flow takes consistent attention and nurturing. You must set boundaries and standards for what you will and will not tolerate, including your own beliefs (one prominent negative belief can sabotage a business dream). You must also be responsible for your own flow. No one can do it for you. But once you allow it, you can make your dreams come true! Here’s to your prosperity!