The Balanced Professional

The Balanced Professional

Did you know that balance is key to success and happiness? For years, I struggled with balancing my inner world with my outer world. Although I appeared calm, cool and successful on the outside, inside I was kind of a freak. I stressed about money (even when I had plenty), I buried myself in my to-do list, and I drove myself to exhaustion to get things done and prove my worth. I was sure that if I totally relaxed and let down my guard, something would fail, I would lose everything and be exposed as a fraud. It was a crummy way to live and messed with my peace of mind. Can you relate? It took me many years to release that pattern. But when I did, a whole new world opened. I finally felt free, happy, and confident. Balance is a dynamic state and requires consistent corrections to stabilize. I found that the faster you learn how to release painful emotional states and situations, the quicker you can regain balance, make great decisions, advance your work, and enjoy your life. The Balanced Professional gives you the tools to rebalance your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual systems and empower your goals. I put myself through it and had PROFOUND RESULTS – new clients, way better fitness, best 4th quarter financial performance, new opportunities, increased joy, and even better rides on my horses. This 3-month private program is specially designed for busy professionals to kick-start your systems and help you release fear, gain balance, enjoy your life, and fire-up your impact. Contact me and let’s talk about empowering your best life!


“I came to Shari looking for a business coach and was amazed to find so much more. The work that we did not only changed the way that I run my business, it changed the way I approach everything in my life. I have come away from this experience with a clear vision of where my life is headed. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to make a positive and impactful change in their professional or personal life.” -D. Burton “Over the past five years I have consulted with Shari Goodwin during several critical turning points at my law firm. Her input and observations have been instrumental in moving us forward. More recently, Shari has helped me in the beginning stages of succession planning. I started my legal career as a solo-practitioner and grew it into a five attorney law firm. It has been challenging, rewarding, and has consumed much of my time. Thinking about the upcoming transition in my life made me feel overwhelmed and rudderless. After working with Shari, I believe I am heading in the right course. Her ideas and direction are always thought-provoking and inspiring.”- Mark B. Williams, Founder, Mark B. Williams & Associates, PLC

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